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Tomasz Kaczyński, DMD graduated with honors from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Warsaw Medical University. He completed his postgraduate internship at the clinical hospital Szpital Kliniczny Dzieciątka Jezus in Warsaw. He continues his education in periodontics as a PhD student and is employed as a resident in the Department of Periodontal and Oral Mucosa Diseases at Warsaw Medical University. He practiced his skills in Poland and abroad. He was on a 9-month internship at Selcuk University in Turkey and on an internship for implant placement in St. Lambrecht, Austria. He is constantly expanding his knowledge and skills in the field of periodontics and dental surgery by participating in numerous courses, conventions and congresses. He focuses on complex dental treatment by performing procedures in periodontics and oral surgery. He is interested in sports and travels a lot.He communicates with his patients in Polish and English.