Here is a part of the interview with me:

1. Why did you choose dentistry? And why and when did you decide to run your own business?
Paradoxically, being a little girl, I never dreamt of becoming a doctor… When asked who I would like to be in the future, I answered boldly: a businesswoman! It’s funny that after many years my mother reminded me of that when I was opening my own clinic. My interests have always been foreign languages, which is why I chose a class focusing on the humanities and linguistics at Warsaw’s Władysław IV Secondary School. So how did my interest in humanities get me to the Medical Academy? I was the first such student in the history of my secondary school, a school with more than a century of tradition. My older sister, a gynecologist-obstetrician, talked me into it. I remember her saying: ‘Maybe you would like to study medicine?’. ‘Why not?’ I thought. And that’s how it started. Two years of intense studying. Many tears, sleepless nights, getting to know the basics of chemistry, biology, physics… and finally great happiness when I saw my name on the list of future dentistry students. Of course my sister came with me. She has been, and will always be, a support person, but also a role-model. She was the first one to choose a medical career, the first to defend her PhD thesis… I could not be worse than her. I followed in her footsteps and several months after her defense, I defended my PhD thesis in orthodontics. On the day of the defense I thanked her especially for what I achieved… In the meantime, the idea of​​opening my own clinic was born, because, apart from working at university, I love working with patients. After years of experience in the best dental clinics in Warsaw, I decided to open one of my own. That’s how my childhood dream came true.
2. We can observe a real boom on the market for dental clinics in Warsaw. What is your idea for effective competition?
My Dental Clinic is my very own idea for a clinic. From start to finish created by me… I have created a friendly, boutique-like place. It is an intimate space where the patient can feel comfortable, drink a strong Italian espresso, look at the iconic designs and be given world-class service. My Dental Clinic is governed by the rule of ‘less is more’. White, sterile interiors with friendly atmosphere and relaxing music. It is a place where you can relax. We care for every detail. Even dental chairs have special upholstery that adapts to the patient’s body shape. The point is for the visit at the clinic not to be associated with treatment, but rather with relaxation. There are also several dental services that distinguish us from others. We are a certified clinic specializing in treatment using hidden Incognito lingual braces. It’s something special. Modern, invisible orthodontics. This sets us apart from other dentists because it’s my specialty.
3. My Dental Clinic offers a unique product on the Polish market – invisible orthodontic braces. Please tell us about this product?
Lingual braces are the only offer on the market of a completely invisible method of orthodontic treatment. They are ideal for those who want to have beautiful, straight teeth, but achieved in a completely invisible way. The braces are placed behind the teeth so no one will ever know that you are wearing them. The brace is custom made for each patient to maximize the results and achieve them faster than with the use of standard orthodontic braces. By individual adjustment to the patient’s teeth, these braces are more comfortable and, most importantly, they can treat any malocclusion. This is extremely important because my patients are mostly adult, successful people who often require interdisciplinary treatment. At the same time, because of their work or their environment, they prefer cosmetic treatment, preferably invisible. Lingual braces allow them to be treated effectively and in a hidden way. I must admit that this method is my showcase. I have many patients who come to me to be treated with this particular technique. Currently, I also provide trainings for dentists interested in using this method – Incognito hidden braces. It is a great honor for me, as well as fulfillment of another dream, namely that of being a doctor and a lecturer.
4. What is your view on how the Polish people care for their oral health? Has there been a change in the recent years? What changes do you observe in your customers’ attitude? Have you observed any fashions?
The state of oral health in the Polish population unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired. According to recent reports from the Ministry of Health, more than half of 3-year-old children in Poland have an average of 3 cavities. There is also a high proportion of adults with missing teeth and periodontal disease. But things are improving. Preventive dentistry is on the rise. We can see more care for dental hygiene treatment or dental checkups. More and more patients decide to undergo orthodontic treatment. This is what I call ‘a healthy fashion’. Patients began to pay more attention not only to their clothes or body shape, but their smile as well. It is extremely important because nowadays it is our smile that often determines our success. Both at work or in our private life, it is the smile that captures the attention of our environment. So it may affect the first impression of us. That is why my clinic offers preventive dentistry and dental hygiene, but also periodontics, implantology, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. A patient coming to My Dental Clinic can count on acomprehensive treatment plan and its professional implementation.
5. You have received the 2016 Businesswoman of the Year award. Does gender matter in business? Have you experienced any difficulties being a woman or, on the contrary, has your gender been helpful in your medical career?
Winning the Businesswoman of the Year award was a wonderful recognition of my efforts to open my own clinic. Along the way, I encountered many difficulties, including obstacles related to the purchase of premises, its finish, as well as other people’s jealousy. Is it because I’m a woman? I do not know. Perhaps people thought it would be easy to break a young, petite woman. But I did not give up. I fought for my company, for its success and with the help of my family, friends and patients, I managed to overcome these problems. Today I can honestly say that these experiences have made me stronger because now I have the knowledge I did not have, when I came up with the idea for My Dental Clinic.
6. Have you fulfilled your professional aspirations or is your greatest success still ahead of you?
Today I consider myself a happy and professionally fulfilled woman. Firstly, I am reminded of this by my PhD in medical science, and secondly, by the beautiful shiny crystal award of the Businesswoman of the Year. Both the doctoral degree and the award have pride of place at my clinic. They remind me every day that perseverance and aiming to achieve a goal make sense. They are a sign that there will always come a moment when quality is appreciated. Nevertheless, every day of my life brings something interesting, different, new… It makes me feel that there is still a lot ahead of me. I am counting on it because in life you also need to be ambitious.
7. What are the goals you set for your company?
My main goal is constant development. I invested in the best modern equipment and dental materials, but also a young, talented and energetic team. It’s a good way to grow. Both in private and professional life I like quality. This does not let me rest on my laurels. My Dental Clinic is now a world-class clinic. It is not only the opinion of the industry, but also of our patients. We have a lot of people coming for treatment from abroad, among others the UK, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. And they have a good opinion of the clinic, too. This makes our job fun, but it also motivates us to continue to develop. Because medicine is constantly developing. Dentistry as well. So I have plans to follow the technology and bring innovation to My Dental Clinic. We may open another one soon…
8. What motivates you, not only professionally?
My biggest motivation are my children. I would not be fulfilled without a happy family. Joy and honesty of children surprise me every day. A child’s smile is the most beautiful gift you can receive. All your worries disappear. It is very important with an investment such as a clinic. Running your own business means many problems. You have to deal with them and face further challenges. I deal with all problems with the support of my family. I have already mentioned my sister, to whom I owe the idea of becoming a doctor and who I even call to ask for tips on what to wear for the business gala.
9. What was the best professional advice you received and from whom?
When planning my own clinic, I received a lot of advice from friendly people. I still get it because there have been and will be problems connected with running my own business. They only change their form. But I remember one moment… Dinner with friends. They all run some kind of business. We were talking about running our own company, about problems, about negative PR… I asked them if I could handle it because the company was new and I was already struggling with problems similar to theirs. And then a friend gave me this piece of advice: ‘no matter what others say, do what your heart tells you’. A cliché? Maybe. But I listened. So I am going to continue doing my thing, because this is how success is achieved.